Want To Pursue a Career in Gaming? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!


Last Updated: March 16, 2023
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Are you obsessed with Fortnite and Call Of Duty? Are you amazing at online gaming and bag every Victory Royale? You’re in the right place if you want to pursue a career in gaming!

It is indisputable that during the past few years, a lot of people have turned to gaming as a haven and a way to unwind. The world of internet gaming has expanded and become extremely diverse. The majority of people view gaming as a fun activity that they may indulge in to temporarily escape from the tension of daily life. But video games also offer other benefits to society.

It has not only brought in billions of dollars, but it has also given individuals all around the world countless jobs and career prospects. People can today successfully pursue a profession in gaming.

If you’re somebody who is enthusiastic about gaming and you’re striving to manifest your love for the hobby into an actual career, there are many paths that you can take to do so. Read on to know all about pursuing a gaming career in India!


How Can I Start A Career In Gaming?

Numerous prestigious universities and colleges in India provide a variety of game design degrees, from certificate to master’s level.

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, game development, marketing, computer graphics/art/animation/illustration, or a related field is ideal to help you get started in the gaming industry. Some of the undergraduate courses are:

What are the Different Career Opportunities in this Field?

In India, there are numerous job prospects in the gaming industry. India offers relatively affordable game development and animation services in comparison to other outsourcing regions.

You can choose to pursue a profession in one of the many gaming genres, including video, console, wireless, PC, and multiplayer gaming.

Game Designer

A game artist or designer is the ideal profession for someone who is overflowing with fresh gaming concepts and is capable of creating imaginative themes that could eventually take the form of a video game. The game’s core idea is developed by a game designer, who collaborates with the development, programming, animation, and audio engineering teams to create the game’s storylines and characters.

Game Developer

Someone who works as a game developer needs to be well knowledgeable in computer science. The primary responsibility of the game developer is to use code to achieve the vision of the game designer. The capability of a game developer to properly ensure that everything is running smoothly and that the game doesn’t have any performance issues greatly influences the gameplay’s quality.

gaming developer

Gaming Critic

Being a gaming critic is a fantastic job in the gaming business. These people make their living by reviewing and playing video games. They accomplish this in a variety of ways. Some people are employed as video game critics by major gaming magazines or journals. Other independent reviewers post their material on personal YouTube channels or vlogs. Remember Carry Minati and Jacksepticeye? If you want to be like them, become a gaming critic!

Game Actor or Host

Finally, you might choose to work as a host or a game actor. Nowadays, the vast majority of video games have playable characters with voices or speaking parts. You might try to get a job as a voice actor for a video game character. They act as hosts for the game and are essential to the overall gaming experience.

Sound Designer and Audio Engineer

People sometimes forget how important audio is in determining how good a game is because they become so engrossed in their gaming sessions. Consider first-person shooters like PUBG or Battlefield. Without noises, the game would be a total failure. If footsteps and gunshots didn’t follow the fundamental rules of physics, the game would be a total failure. Making sure the audio in the game is as good as the graphics is the responsibility of the sound designer and audio engineer.

How Much Does a Gamer in India Earn?

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Depending on the employer and skill set, a video-gamer’s annual income in India ranges from INR 5 to 8 LPA. However, this is just the initial salary. Once you start growing and if you get into streaming, there’s no end to how much you can earn in the gaming sector. 

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