What to Expect in a Career Counselling Session for Students


Last Updated: September 7, 2022
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What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a process that can assist students in examining their interests, personality, and character in order to analyse themselves and pick the right career options for them.

Importance of Career Counselling

The following are the reasons why career counselling is necessary for every student in today’s world:

1. To Choose the Right Career

Students can benefit from career counselling by examining their interests, personality, and character in order to analyse themselves and determine the best career alternatives for them. For instance, If a student excels at drawing, they may be advised to seek a career that best suits their abilities and personality.

2. To Develop Confidence and Self-Awareness

By recognising one’s strengths and shortcomings, career counselling can help an individual recognise the hurdles in their career path. This knowledge contributes in the development of the self-assurance required to overcome these obstacles.

3. To Remove Confusion

Choosing the correct career can be tough for both children and parents. Career Counselling provides a forum where such confusion can be resolved with the use of specialised resources and expertise concerning a given career path.

Mentoria’s Career Counselling for Students

To help children discover their true calling, Mentoria offers a four-step solution. The first step involves taking Mentoria’s psychometric assessment, which analyses the child’s core interests areas. This is followed by a career-counselling session with our expert counsellors, who validate the results of the assessment and help your child – and you – understand their strengths and development areas. During the counselling session, our counsellors help children shortlist the top three careers they are most likely to enjoy and excel at. And answer any questions the children or you have regarding the shortlisted careers. Once the session is complete, children are given access to Mentoria’s Knowledge Gateway, which provides detailed information on their chosen careers – from the stream and courses they should pick and the skills they should acquire, right down to the roles and responsibilities they would take up in their career and the kind of salary they could earn from it. We also connect children with industry experts through pre-recorded webinars, which gives them a deep and realistic understanding of what goes on in their chosen careers.

What we have come to realise over the many sessions we have had with children and their parents is that the parents tend to misunderstand what they get out of the counselling session with us. Here are a few points to help familiarise you with our counselling session so you can come to us well-informed and know exactly what to expect.

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What to Expect in a Career Counselling Session

1. You only get one chance.

The one-time fee covers one 60-minute session with a career counsellor. After the session, the student continues to have access to services like the Knowledge Gateway, Webinars, and on-call support. You can have more one-on-one sessions later when the student finishes their graduation or is looking for a career change. But those sessions will be chargeable.

2. Career and only career is discussed.

There are discussions about a student’s interests and their talents but these discussions are limited to helping the student choose a career. The counsellor will steer clear from personal or emotional issues. The focus of the entire session will be only to guide the students in choosing a career of their choice. A lot of parents come in with preconceived notions about nudging their children in the right direction and getting them to take studying seriously. However, these issues will not be covered in the session.

3. The assessment chooses careers.

The counsellor will not advise your child towards a career of your choice. The ten shortlisted careers will be solely based on the assessment, which will then be condensed to three top careers after a detailed discussion with the child. These sessions will be conducted one-to-one alone with the student and external factors like parents’ choice of career will not be taken into consideration during the session and during the process of shortlisting.

4. Prepare for the unexpected.

There is a possibility that the shortlisted careers for your child will be niche and not very popular or will be careers in the arts industry. You must be ready for unconventional choices showing up for your child based on their interest and work towards supporting them in whatever they choose. Having said that, we will be here to help answer any questions you have about the careers that are shortlisted for your child. You can also refer to the knowledge gateway on our website after the session to get more clarity on the shortlisted careers.

We hope this helps you understand how we help your child choose the right career. We look forward to supporting you and your child on this journey towards career discovery.

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