A Guide to Indian Students Life in the USA


Last Updated: August 30, 2022
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What It’s Like Living Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for many. The prospect is appealing; however, there are various aspects involved in making your course work in a foreign land fruitful and enjoyable. I was very apprehensive when I first decided to pursue my Masters at the prestigious Boston University.

The biggest lesson to learn from studying abroad is the fact that you have nobody to depend upon. Right from scholarships to accommodation, from wardrobe revamp to books, everything has to be done by YOU. After you are through with the tedious paperwork, you must do an elaborate background check of the place you are going to stay. 

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Pro Tip: You can find all the information about scholarships and accommodation on the college website. It is convenient and accurate. While shopping for clothes, do stack up on a lot of Cardigans, woollies and Scarves. Winters are pretty severe here.

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How to Go to the USA from India for Studies

Before moving to the United States, you should research the most popular courses and work prospects available there. Thorough research will help you pick which subject to choose and which university to attend. You should also look at the qualifying requirements, paperwork, visa process, fee, and admission deadline, among other things. Remember to add up the whole cost of your stay and make sure you have the necessary proof of cash.

Academic performance and test scores are other crucial factors. Make sure you have the required SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and other test scores. If you wish to apply for a scholarship or finances, you will have to do some more research work.

Packing Checklist – What to Take to the USA

It is essential to be aware of the items you bring to the United States, as bringing your own luggage is one of the best methods to reduce your daily spending. Having your own luggage will help you save money on living expenses while you’re in the United States.

To avoid any issues, keep your personal identification documents, basic essential clothing, necessary devices, personal care items, kitchen and everyday wardrobe basics, such as towels, napkins, socks, bedsheets, etc with you at all times.

Indian Student’s life in USA – My Story

The first thing that I did after I reached Boston was to get my books. It is highly unwise to wait for the academic year to start and then get your books. Academics form an integral part of your life here. Although attendance is lenient, you must religiously attend classes if you wish to achieve the perfect score. The curriculum is very different in comparison to our Indian curriculum and you are bound to lag behind. In order to avoid that, I started my preparation in advance.

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The student life is the most vibrant part of your campus. Contrary to the popular belief that Americans can be very cold and uninviting, I have never faced any issues. Americans are very warm. The best part about campus life in Boston is that we celebrate every festival. Right from Diwali to Oktoberfest, we have our miniature version of every celebration. The opportunities that students have are endless. Right from contemporary dance to Acapella, there are organisations and classes for everything. One of my favourite events is when Boston University conducts collaborations with Berkeley College for Dance and Music. Various discussion panels are held and performances are documented in the University’s theatre.

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The time that I got to blow off some steam, I ended up exploring the locale. I had imagined that I would become friends with a lot of Americans; however, we all end up looking for people from our own country first. That way, we don’t really feel homesick. The best way of transport is renting a bicycle on a monthly basis. It is extremely feasible.

Pro Tip: Having a Lonely Planet guide of the place where you are staying is very important. The guide includes best restaurants, maps, snippets, information about culture and must-see sights. You must socialize and make friends at local restaurants. This way, you get incentives and on special occasions, your whole meal’s on the house. Earning such brownie points is easy. It is necessary to carry your passport all the time. Also, make sure you have copies of your passport, just in case there’s an emergency.

Everything from Friday Night Bowling Alley to having a Mac & Cheese Sandwich is enjoyable. It is routine for you to randomly bump into Natalie Portman or Jared Leto on the streets. As easy as this sounds, studying abroad is nothing short of an adventure that you will immensely enjoy.

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