How to Ace Group Discussions


Last Updated: August 30, 2022
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What are Group Discussions?

Group Discussions are a popular method used for recruitment, admission procedures or any such candidate selections. Be it a company, hospital, B-school, etc., GDs are conducted to save time and strike off unsuitable candidates quickly.

Why is it important?

A group conversation about essential for grasping the topic. Discussing a topic with colleagues or classmates helps in mastering the subject. Group discussions involve everyone sharing their learning, which helps all of them equally. Every student approaches learning in a unique way. Everyone uses different techniques of learning. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages. As a result, when several students debate a topic that they have already studied, it enables them to connect the information received from different methods of study.

Types of Group Discussions

Group Discussions can be topic-based or case-based.

Current Affairs

These discussions contain topics that have recently been in the news. These topics are chosen to assess analytical skills and general awareness.


These discussions contain topics that have recently been in the news. These topics are chosen to assess analytical skills and general awareness.

Factual topics are about practical issues that the average person is aware of in his or her daily life. These are mostly socioeconomic and general topics. A factual topic for conversation allows a person to demonstrate that he is aware and knowledgeable. In factual matters, the entire group agrees or disagrees, and there is a minimal dispute. The group is tasked with coming up with solutions to an issue.

Controversial Topics

Controversial topics are those that are prone to debates. The noise level in GDs where these matters are discussed is frequently high, and tempers may flare. The purpose of assigning a topic like this is to determine how much maturity the person demonstrates by keeping his temper in check and defending his point of view calmly and logically without becoming personal or emotional.

Abstract Topics

Intangible things are discussed in abstract topics. These are not frequently discussed issues, although their occurrence cannot be ruled out. These topics will put your lateral thinking and creativity to the test.

It is amazing how you could arm yourself with certain skills and clear GDs with ease. So, here are some guidelines to help you stand out:

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Tips to Ace Group Discussions

Maintain Eye-Contact

It’s important to maintain eye contact during a group discussion with not just the person you are speaking to but also the other candidates. This way, you involve everyone.

Also, react, even with expressions when others are talking. This shows that you are receptive to other people’s points of view.

Initiate the GD

Initiating a GD helps you score more. This is not a myth. It does give you an edge over the other candidates and lets you take the discussion in the direction you want at its commencement.

Centre of Attention

It is indeed essential to grab the attention of the moderators. Position yourself in such a way that you are clearly visible to them. Maybe, even sit in the centre of the group. In this manner, the moderators will be able to record your responses even when you are not speaking.

Don’t Be Aggressive Or Impulsive 

You would not want to lose out on your dream job just for being too loud or aggressive, would you? Hence, do not be provoked at any point in time during the GD. Be patient, and refute if you have to, in the simplest way.

Do Not Interrupt

Don’t interrupt a person presenting his views during a Group Discussion. Do not talk out of turn and make ample use of the opportunity you get. Scream and yell at your own peril.

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Do Not Beat Around the Bush 

Recruiters prefer to focus on candidates who are clear in their thoughts and speech. Present the content in a precise manner. Beating around the bush would lead to elimination.

Add Facts and Stats

Back your statements and arguments with relevant statistics and numbers and you are sure to impress the organisation. Relevant facts make your content more credible.

Listen More, Speak at the Right Time

Listening to the conversation is one way to add value to your knowledge. It also helps you to know the direction in which the discussion is headed. You can save the best words for the right time and bang, the ball’s in your court!

Be Open-Minded

Everyone has their own set of beliefs and values. During a GD, the perceptions of two people may not match. Simply accepting the views would help in avoiding a street brawl.

Keeping It On the Track

Most GDs follow an irrelevant path when the topics are not understood, especially when it is abstract. This gives you the opportunity to get it back on track, fetching you extra points.


Well, the key to each of the above tips lies in this single word. You have to be cheerful, positive and presentable throughout the discussion. Don’t fumble in your speech. Sit with a straight posture. Stay firm in your convictions.

Working on each of these suggestions and sailing through Group Discussions will be a breeze.

The ability to perform successfully in a GD is crucial for a successful career. A GD helps in the achievement of both group and personal goals. The examiner can assess the personality characteristics as well as the group skills of applicants taking part in a G.D.

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