Productive & Fun Study Break Ideas for Students


Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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Exams are just around the corner, and every waking moment of your life is supposed to be dedicated to studying right now. But we know that’s far from reality – it is practically impossible to stay glued to your textbooks all day long. At some point, you’re going to need a break, and we’ve got just the thing to make that break so productive, even your parents would approve.

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Try Some Tetris

Have you ever spent hours trying to make irregular polygons fit together? It isn’t an absolute waste of time; experts say it helps boost your cognitive development, curb cravings and reduce stress! So the next time you’re reaching for yet another cup of coffee, just take a break from your books and play a game of Tetris.

Riddle Me This, Puzzle Me That

A quick search on the internet will tell you just how well riddles and puzzles sharpen your brain. Not only do they help build your verbal skills and enhance your vocabulary, but also improve your problem-solving and logical thinking abilities. Once you’ve cracked a few riddles, challenge your friends as well!

Word-Brainers Are Productive No-Brainers

If you’ve been studying math all day long, give your mind a break with a fun crossword or word search puzzle. It takes your mind away from number-land and into alphabet-ville. Here, you don’t just get to improve your trivia quotient. You also get to work on your spelling, improve your vocabulary and better your problem-solving abilities.


Even math-haters tend to love this number puzzle. Sudoku sharpens your memory, improves your concentration, enhances your logical thinking and also reduces the risk of mental illnesses later in life. If the stress of studying gets to you, pick up a sudoku puzzle and head to a quiet corner for a calming break.

From Bored to Board

Browsing through textbooks can get boring, which is where board games come in. Grab a friend or family member and pull out your favourite board game. Games like Monopoly, chess or checkers are more than just pure entertainment – they improve your response speed, build your cognitive, logical and reasoning skills, and improve your critical thinking. Not to mention the sheer joy you gain from winning!

If the Puzzle Piece Fits

You’re going to need a lot of ‘calming’ breaks over the next two months. One way to make them productive is by solving a jigsaw puzzle. Solving one involves using both sides of your brain, and also increases your brain’s production of dopamine. This helps improve your learning and memory, declutters your mind, and gives you a sense of calm. Sounds like a wonderful break, doesn’t it?

Songs to Get Along

You need a break anyhow, so take 15 minutes to curate your favourite, no-distractions music. Maybe it’s classical music, maybe it’s gentle, melodic pop, maybe it’s sitcom tunes from the 1990s. Anything that will help you focus easier and better.  You are free to choose!

Getting Crafty

Grab a sheet of paper and a pen, then do a quick Google search and follow the step-by-step instructions. After 15 minutes, you will have either created something fantastic or discovered that origami is not one of your natural skills. In any case, it’s been a really productive break!

Walk the Talk

Take a walk around your home or a nearby neighbourhood park. Walking, especially outside walking, has been proved to enhance creativity when compared to sitting. This will help you feel fresh enough to return to your studies.

Causing Snaccidents

It’s natural to get hungry while studying for long periods of time. You may take a break from your studies to prepare a quick, tasty, and healthy snack. Try some different smoothie recipes, dark chocolates, nuts, seeds, or even popcorn as a snack. Cooking is an excellent technique to divert your attention from your stress.

We get it – studying can get tedious, and the looming threat of ‘exams’ doesn’t help the situation. Just stay calm, take the right amount of breaks and make a study schedule to help you get through it. Make sure you find enough time for sound sleep and exercise – both will keep your brain fresh and sharp enough to ace those exams. And if you’re worried about what to do once your exams are over, take our test during one of your study breaks and set your mind at ease!

Keep calm and study on!

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