Scope of MBA in International Business


Last Updated: December 3, 2022
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The world around us is changing faster than ever before, and if there’s anything constant in this world is the need for business! And thanks to the internet, businesses are not just restricted to one town or city! 

And due to globalisation, opportunities for expansion and growth are endless and boundless. As a result, there’s an extremely high demand for skilled individuals in the world trade and economy who are qualified enough to help these companies grow, expand and help them achieve success in business! As a result, job recruiters are searching for MBA graduates with diverse perspectives who can help their company sustain the competition and demands of the global market. 

So if you’re someone who’s always had a knack for business and economy and is willing to take the world by storm and achieve great heights, an MBA  in international business is your ultimate gateway!

What is an MBA in international business?

Well, you seem ready to take the world over by storm! But before you take off, you need to know everything about MBA in international business and have a solid foundation! So fear not; we have all the answers to your burning questions! 

So, MBA in International Business is a postgraduate management degree that lets the students become well-versed with all parts of International Business and gives them the much-needed exposure and training to become the world’s most effective and efficient managers and thus, make them a trustworthy asset for the ever-growing global economy. It has a massive scope in today’s world as every company today is on a search to grow and diversify internationally. Here, it becomes imperative for such organisations to recruit management graduates like you who specialise in International Business.

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to grow in this field and widen the scope of an MBA in International Business. In that case, you must keep the eligibility criteria in mind and prepare accordingly!

  1. You must hold a three-year undergraduate degree in any discipline. 
  2. Don’t worry if you’re a fellow engineering and medical student; you too are eligible for this course!
  3. Last but not least, you need to clear the following to get admission in this course-
  • Entrance exam
  • Personal interview (PI)
  • Group discussion or extempore

Also, keep in mind few colleges might ask you to submit your GRE or GMAT scores to get admission to the course.

Top Universities

With the increase in demand and scope of an MBA in international business, it has led to several leading universities both in India and abroad to include this course!

With a clear idea of the eligibility criteria, the following are the top-tier universities for MBA in international business both in India and abroad for your dream degree!

Top five Indian universities for MBA in international business.

Top universities abroad for MBA in international business.

Career prospects of MBA in International Business

Once you have successfully completed your degree, it is time to face the real world! But you might be wondering how the jobs after international business management are in India or abroad. Well, we have great news for you. With several companies and firms frantically looking for skilled graduates, the scope of an MBA in International Business presents itself with a plethora of job options which are mentioned down below:

  • International Business Consultants:

Average national salary: ₹67,042 /mo

They help govern the organisation’s commercial relationship with International clients.

  • Export Manager: 

Average national salary: ₹7,68,194 /yr

Ensure that goods and services are shipped to other countries per the export industry’s laws and regulations.

  • International Marketing Manager: 

Average national salary: ₹47,338 /mo

Manage pricing policies as well as business strategies in an effective method through proper research.

  • Global Business Manager: 

Average national salary: ₹27L /yr

Make sure proper operation of an organisation effectively and efficiently so that it can respond to changes occurring in a global business environment.

  • Project Manager: 

Average national salary: ₹15L /yr

Preparing goals of projects, assigning tasks, and settling the challenges in the project.

  • International Finance Manager: 

Average national salary: ₹20L /yr

Analysing economic reports, budgets, and business statements correctly.

  • Investment Banker: 

Average national salary: ₹13L /yr

Raise capital for the business through equity or debt.

We hope you found this blog on MBA in International Business helpful. If you’re planning to pursue an MBA in International Business but don’t know how to get started, don’t worry! Our experts here at Mentoria are waiting to guide you to your dream career! We will provide you with the best guidance and support while you take this journey with us! So, let’s get started!