Boost Your Management Skills With These 7 Podcasts

Komal Sharma

Last Updated: April 5, 2024
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In today’s fast-paced world, being a top-notch leader means having innovative management skills. Employees look up to their bosses for inspiration and guidance, so it’s crucial for every employer to sharpen their management abilities.

Now, with busy schedules and constant hustle, finding time for traditional classes or reading lengthy books can be tough. That’s where podcasts come in! These management-focused audio shows are perfect for on-the-go professionals. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or commuting on public transport, you can tune in and learn valuable management insights.

We’ve done the hard work for you by putting together a list of the top management podcasts. Now, no matter where you are or how packed your schedule is, you can easily get access to valuable insights that will enhance your management skills without wasting your valuable time. Let’s get started!

“The Manager Tools Podcast” By Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne

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The Manager Tools Podcast” is a highly praised show that offers practical tips and strategies for effective management. Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne, the hosts with over 50 years of combined management experience, cover various topics such as communication, coaching, feedback, and career development. Every episode is filled with actionable advice and real-life examples that you can apply to your management style right away. Whether you’re a new manager or an experienced leader, this podcast provides valuable insights to enhance your effectiveness and success as a manager.

What You Can Learn

Check out “The Manager Tools Podcast” by Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne if you want to pick up some practical and easy-to-understand tips for effective management. Here are five important things you can learn from it:

  • Communication Skills: Discover how to communicate clearly and effectively with your team to avoid any misunderstandings and boost productivity.
  • Feedback Techniques: Discover effective methods for giving feedback that is detailed, prompt, and constructive, to foster a culture of ongoing enhancement.
  • Meeting Management: Get some great tips on how to run efficient and productive meetings, ensuring that everyone stays focused and that time is well spent.
  • Career Development: Explore strategies for advancing your career as a manager, including setting and achieving professional goals.
  • Team Building: Learn techniques for building and leading a high-performing team, creating a positive work environment where everyone can thrive.

“The Tim Ferriss Show”

Tim Ferriss, the well-known author and entrepreneur, hosts “The Tim Ferriss Show,” a podcast that explores the thoughts of top performers in different areas such as business, sports, and entertainment. Although it doesn’t specifically focus on management, this podcast provides priceless lessons in leadership, productivity, and personal growth.

Through detailed interviews, Tim Ferriss reveals the tactics, routines, and perspectives that have led to the achievements of his guests. By tuning in to “The Tim Ferriss Show,” you can acquire valuable knowledge from some of the most brilliant minds globally and implement their wisdom in your journey of management.

What You Can Learn

“The Tim Ferriss Show” is a podcast where Tim Ferriss interviews top performers from various fields to uncover their routines, habits, and strategies for success. Here are five key takeaways you can expect:

  • Productivity Hacks: Learn practical tips and tricks to boost your productivity and get more done in less time.
  • Life Hacks: Discover unconventional strategies for improving your life, from health and fitness to relationships and happiness.
  • Success Mindset: Gain insights into the mindset and thinking patterns of successful individuals, and how you can apply them in your life.
  • Business and Career Advice: Get valuable advice on entrepreneurship, career development, and building a successful business.
  • Personal Growth: Explore ways to improve yourself and grow personally, whether it’s through learning new skills, overcoming fears, or developing better habits.

“The Growth Show” By Sebastian Kunz And Serhat Kaya

Becoming a manager is just the beginning of your career journey, but climbing up the career ladder is a whole new challenge. Sebastian Kunz and Serhat Kaya, the hosts of The Growth Show, delve into the stories of successful individuals to uncover their path to managerial success. In each episode, they share inspiring tales of entrepreneurs who have created thriving businesses, innovative ideas, or impactful movements. The Growth Show encourages you to seize new opportunities instead of getting stuck in a rut.

What You Can Learn

“The Growth Show” is a podcast that explores stories and strategies for business growth. Here are five key takeaways you can expect:

  • Success Stories: Learn from the successes and failures of top entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Marketing Insights: Discover the latest trends and techniques in marketing to help grow your business.
  • Innovation: Discover the power of innovative ideas to fuel expansion and stay one step ahead in the business game.
  • Personal Growth: Hear stories of personal growth and development from successful individuals.
  • Practical Tips: Get actionable tips and advice that you can apply to your business to stimulate growth.

“The Manager’s Handbook” By Matt Sornson And Alex MacCaw

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If you’re stepping into the shoes of a first-time manager, you’ll definitely want a handy guide to navigate your new role. Look no further than The Manager’s Handbook by Matt Sornson and Alex MacCaw. This podcast is designed to equip new managers with the knowledge and skills they need to build a strong team culture, foster solid relationships, and effectively handle conflicts in the workplace. It also helps you break free from the follower mindset and become a more effective leader, enabling you to make decisions that benefit your organisation. On top of all that, The Manager’s Handbook podcast will even enhance your creative abilities as a team manager. So, get ready to level up your managerial game.

What You Can Learn

“The Manager’s Handbook” by Matt Sornson and Alex MacCaw is a comprehensive guide for new and experienced managers alike. Here are five key takeaways you can expect from the podcast:

  • Leadership Skills: Learn how to lead effectively, inspire your team, and drive results through strong leadership.
  • Team Building: Discover strategies for building and managing high-performing teams, including how to motivate and engage team members.
  • Communication: Learn how to communicate effectively with your team, peers, and superiors to ensure clarity and alignment.
  • Problem Solving: Gain insights into how to identify and solve problems efficiently, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Personal Development: Explore ways to develop your skills as a manager, including how to manage your time effectively and prioritise tasks.

“Beyond The To-Do List” By Erik Fisher

Erik Fisher hosts a captivating podcast called Beyond the To-Do List. He frequently brings in productivity specialists to offer their unique insights. The conversations mainly focus on ways managers can enhance the efficiency of their workforce through effective productivity methods.

By tuning in to this podcast, you’ll discover techniques for boosting mental agility and mastering time management. Moreover, you’ll gain insights into how assembling the right team can enhance overall business productivity. In essence, Beyond the To-Do List presents practical productivity tips that empower individuals and professionals to thrive.

What You Can Learn

Erik Fisher hosts a podcast called “Beyond the To-Do List” which dives into productivity, time management, and personal development. Here are five important things you can learn from listening to this podcast:

  • Mindfulness: Explore how mindfulness practices can enhance your productivity and overall well-being.
  • Creativity Boosters: Discover techniques for sparking creativity and innovation in your work and daily life.
  • Workplace Dynamics: Learn about navigating office politics, managing difficult colleagues, and fostering positive relationships at work.
  • Technology Tips: Get insights into using technology effectively, such as using apps and tools to streamline your workflow.
  • Health and Wellness: Learn about the importance of putting your well-being first to boost your performance and accomplishments.

“The Tony Robbins Podcast”

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Tony Robbins, a well-known life and business strategist, is the host of “The Tony Robbins Podcast,” where you can find a treasure trove of wisdom and motivation for both personal and professional development. This podcast delves into a variety of subjects such as leadership, mindset, and reaching your highest potential.

By engaging in conversations with influential figures, business owners, and specialists across different industries, Tony Robbins imparts valuable advice and tactics for attaining success. Tuning in to “The Tony Robbins Podcast” will help you uncover more about yourself, your team, and the key principles behind successful leadership.

What You Can Learn

“The Tony Robbins Podcast” is a podcast hosted by life and business strategist Tony Robbins. Here are five key takeaways you can expect from the podcast:

  • Personal Development: Learn strategies for personal growth and self-improvement, including how to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve your goals.
  • Business Insights: Gain insights into building and scaling a successful business, including entrepreneurship, leadership, and marketing tips.
  • Health and Wellness: Discover ways to improve your physical and mental health, including nutrition, exercise, and stress management techniques.
  • Relationship Advice: Learn about building strong and fulfilling relationships, whether in your personal or professional life.
  • Inspiring Tales: Listen to amazing stories from visitors who have accomplished remarkable success in their lives and professions, and gain insights from their journeys.

“The Leadership Podcast” By Jan Rutherford And Jim Vaselopulos

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“Tune in to ‘The Leadership Podcast’ to delve into the principles and strategies of accomplished leaders across various fields. Jan Rutherford and Jim Vaselopulos host engaging conversations with seasoned leaders, offering valuable insights, lessons, and effective leadership tactics.

Listening to ‘The Leadership Podcast’ exposes you to a wide array of leadership and management perspectives from a diverse guest lineup. This podcast sparks thought-provoking conversations that push boundaries and encourage innovative leadership methods.”

What You Can Learn

“The Leadership Podcast” is a podcast hosted by two leadership experts, Jan Rutherford and Jim Vaselopulos. Here are five key takeaways you can expect from the podcast:

  • Insights on Leadership: Gain valuable insights into effective leadership strategies, including how to inspire and motivate your team.
  • Interviews with Leaders: Hear from top leaders and executives from various industries, learning from their experiences and leadership styles.
  • Personal Development: Discover ways to enhance your leadership skills and grow as a leader.
  • Team Building: Learn strategies for building and leading high-performing teams, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • Current Leadership Trends: Stay updated on the latest trends and developments in leadership, helping you stay ahead in your leadership role.

Elevate Your Management Skills

Check out these seven podcasts for a wealth of knowledge and motivation to boost your management abilities. Each podcast brings a fresh viewpoint and useful tips from seasoned professionals and industry specialists. Listening to these podcasts will help you keep learning, evolving, and excelling as a manager. Get your headphones ready, press play, and see your leadership skills thrive.

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