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Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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Parents and students expect a lot more from educational institutions than just academics today.  The competition is fierce and schools that intend to thrive often introduce initiatives like soft-skill training, extra-curricular activities and career counselling programmes to make their students “future-ready”. Mentoria has been partnering with over 36 such schools to help their students become #CareerReady.

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Why Is Career Guidance Necessary?

When a student reaches Class 8, they begin to give serious thought to their future path – what do they want to be when they grow up? Knowing their ideal future path early on helps them hone their interest and abilities in that area, gives them clarity on their next steps in terms of education and helps them lay the right foundation for a happy, successful and productive life. Students with this level of clarity often find it easier to focus on their academics, especially since the stress and confusion of choosing a career have been taken away from them. Many schools are now including career counselling as a part of their services, because studies have shown that about 85% of students are not sure what career to choose.

At Mentoria, we keep an open mind. That’s why our career counselling sessions are about helping you find the career that works best for you.  Our expert career counsellors provide personalised, step-by-step guidance throughout your career discovery journey.

The Orbis School

the orbis school

The Orbis School, Pune, strives to provide an enriching environment for its students – one that promotes curiosity, free-thinking, and innovations. As educators, they aim to groom students to prepare them for global progress, so they can not only be a part of the changing world but also actively contribute to change. With this vision in mind, The Orbis School partnered with Mentoria to help their students become #CareerReady.

The Programme

In August ‘17, Mentoria partnered with The Orbis School to help students and their parents understand the importance of career guidance. 16 students and their parents decided to join the #CareerReady movement by investing in the Mentoria Solution.

The students began by taking Mentoria’s psychometric assessment, which analysed their interests in great detail. This was followed by a 60-minute career-counselling session with our expert counsellors. During the session, Mentoria’s career counsellors validated the results of their psychometric assessment, helped students and their parents understand the student’s strengths and development areas, and shortlisted the top three careers each student would enjoy and excel at. The session also unlocked Mentoria’s Knowledge Gateway, which gave them detailed information on their chosen careers – from the education path they could pursue and the skills they could acquire to what their eventual workplace would look like, what kinds of roles and responsibilities they would take up and how much they would get paid. Students also gained a deep and realistic understanding of what goes on in their chosen careers through webinars of industry experts.

Mentoria’s Career Counselling Reviews

Wondering how the students benefited from this initiative? Check out their responses right here!

“Subscribing to Mentoria helped me discover all the possible careers around me, and the boundless opportunities I have to pursue them. Mentoria helped me introspect – which I believe is extremely essential to take crucial decisions like these which can be life changers! I’d surely /recommend Mentoria to people, as it helped me to a great extent.”

– Oshin Joshi, Class 10

“I am really impressed and satisfied with Mentoria. It has opened my eyes to all the various career options available to me. The guidance given by Mentoria was extremely helpful, and I thank Mentoria for helping me find a career that works best for me.”

– Nidhi Patel, Class 10

“The counsellor was amazing, understanding and very helpful. Before turning to Mentoria for guidance, I was overwhelmed with the different career opportunities available to me. Mentoria helped me clear my mind and focus on what I really want to be. What I really liked and appreciated about Mentoria is that after shortlisting my top three career options, they provided me with a very clear path to get to where I want to be.”

– Falak Thackar, Class 11

“I am very happy with your support. My daughter was provided with all the information she needed about her career and how to pursue it. She is now much more focused on her studies than she was before.”

– Daxa Patel, Parent of Nidhi Patel

The Mentoria Solution has helped many students discover themselves and their ideal careers, and equipped them with all the information they need to become #CareerReady. We hope to partner with several schools in the coming years and help many more students make informed and accurate career choices. If you would like to partner with us to help your students grow into happy, #CareerReady individuals, reach out to us to join the #CareerReady movement!

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