Mentoria Review – Career Counseling for Children of Jewelex Employees


Last Updated: August 31, 2022
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83% of employers believe that hiring and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges they face. In an era where 66% of millennials will most probably leave their current job, their opinion is far from unfounded. In times like these, human resource professionals from all over the world are racking their brains trying to figure out how to engage their employees. While fun events during festivals and lunches for employees are great, what really makes a difference is an activity that adds value to the employees’ lives. Jewelex, our corporate partner, decided to make a real, lasting difference to their employees’ lives by reaching out to their families with the Mentoria Solution.

A Little About Jewelex

A DeBeers Sightholder since 1973, Jewelex is a diamond and jewellery company in Mumbai. They are a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council for the diamond division and are known for their consistent quality, excellent customer service and transparency in operations.

As an employer, Jewelex believes their employees are their biggest asset and strives to make sure they are happy. They partnered with Mentoria to conduct an innovative employee engagement programme, where they invited the children of their employees for a career guidance workshop. Employees and their families were introduced to the Mentoria Solution that would help them get clarity about their career prospects.

At Mentoria, we understand that career decisions are often family decisions. That’s why we encourage the whole family to support our clients on their career discovery journey. Partner with Mentoria to show that you care about your employees’ families and their careers too. Discover more here:

The Mentoria Solution

The career guidance workshop was held over a period of three months from November 2017 to January 2018. During this period, 47 children benefited from the Mentoria Solution. As part of the solution, they took a psychometric assessment that determined their core interest areas, personality traits and abilities. This was followed by one-on-one career counselling sessions by our team of expert career counsellors; who took the children and their parents through the report, validated the test responses with real-life examples, discussed growth and development areas, and guided the children towards the top three careers they’d be happiest pursuing. The children were extremely happy to get such detailed insights into what their future career could look like.

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Mentoria Career Counselling Reviews from Jewelex

“I am very happy with Mentoria. Both my daughters are more focused towards their careers now and are doing well. Jewelex is an amazing organisation and always does something for the betterment of its employees.”

– Laura Quadros, Team Member, Jewelex India

“I liked the counselling session; it helped me clear all my doubts regarding my son’s career. I thank my company for partnering with Mentoria as this helped my son immensely in terms of his career decision and resolved all the confusion my son had related to his career. I am glad to be working with Jewelex.”

– Hrishik Sable, Team Member, Jewelex India

“I loved the fact that the company implemented this, and had told them the very same day that this is a very good and beneficial decision.”

– Prateek Bhuvad, Team Member, Jewelex India

It’s always nice when your employer goes that extra mile to add value to your life. Jewelex was much appreciated, not just by their employees, but also their employees’ families. As an employer, now is the time to pause and think – how are you contributing to the lives of your employees? Are you adding value to it? If not, why not begin today?

Mentoria’s holistic approach towards career guidance has helped thousands of children discover their ideal career path. Get in touch with us to become our corporate partners and implement the Mentoria Solution as a valuable employee engagement activity in your organisation.

Give your employees the gift of guidance: partner with Mentoria for our career counselling workshops, which provide expert guidance to your employees and their families to guide them through their career decisions. Our 4-step career guidance solution helps us find the right career fit for their families from 3 streams, 850+ courses & 12,000+ careers. Get in touch with us today!