A Guide on How to Get & Apply for an Internship


Last Updated: September 8, 2022
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We realise that it is far too early to be bringing up the summers – especially when all it does is remind us how the holidays are still so far away. Speaking of holidays, we’re sure you have a jam-packed schedule already: beach visits, lazy afternoons, and tons of parties to attend. Amongst these much-deserved relaxations, we recommend you take time out for a summer internship- lame! We know, but we are not asking you to pull the plug on relaxing completely. All you need to do is find the right balance.

Why to do Internship

By partaking in an internship, you can increase your chances of bagging a job. Completing an assignment during an internship shows your dedication and also proves that you have some experience in a professional work environment. Employers prefer candidates with practical skills. This pre-professional experience definitely pays off.

You even get an idea about the work environment that best suits you.

Internships serve as a great way to boost your career, which is why we have created a checklist to help you land the perfect one. Let’s go!

How to apply for Internship

1. Start Small

One of the most popular misconceptions among students is that in order to enhance their chances of landing an internship, they must apply to every position that appeals to them. As a result, you must consider your current skills and experience, and which jobs you would be a good fit for based on that knowledge.

2. Prepare your Resume

A resume is an essential material for any job application. On your resume, you’ll want to highlight your talents, education, and professional experience for the company to know exactly where you’re coming from.

3. Visit Job Sites

InternshalaLinkedIn, and Frapp are just a few of the websites that might assist you in finding the appropriate internship. Most of them organise their internships by field and interests to make it easier for you to locate the right fit. Keep an eye out for application forms on these sites, and don’t be afraid to answer questions like “why should you be hired?”


You have found yourself an internship- great! Now, let’s work on making sure you’re chosen for the job.

1. Functional Resume and Cover Letter

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Before we get to the interview, let’s talk about your resume and cover letter. They have to be easy to read and without any grammatical errors. Use this opportunity to convince the company why you’re best suited for the job. Avoid reusing your resumes and cover letters. Every company you apply to needs a fresh resume, one that is tailored to that company and that job post. Generic resumes often end up in the to-be-ignored pile.

2. Do Your Research

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As an intern, you are looking to work with a company for the experience. Therefore, the company would want to know why you chose them. Find out what the company does, whom do they create products/services for, what the work culture is like, and so on. This way, the company will see you as someone who wants to work with them, thereby increasing your chances of selection.

3. Don’t Fib

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It is okay if you feel like you don’t have any marketable skills or experience. For internships, organisations look for dedicated minds who are eager to learn and contribute. If you think that adding a bunch of skills to your resume will give you an edge, think again, because the company will expect you to deliver on those skills. If you really want to add that extra cookie to your resume, take an online course, or learn a skill you think will help you at the job.

4. Prepare For Questions

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Have answers ready for basic questions like “what do you do?” or “what are your weaknesses?” This way, when you are posed with the question, you won’t stumble through it. Having said that, don’t just answer questions, ask some yourself. It is understandable that you may be nervous, especially if it is your first interview. Start with simple questions like what would an average intern’s day look like, what will you get to learn, which departments will you work with and so on. This will give you an air of confidence, and increase your chances of being hired.

Even if you don’t land the internship at one company, there are several others out there, so stay positive, keep trying, and find the one best suited for you. Just so you know, we’re looking for interns as well! If you’re curious to know what goes into helping India discover its true career calling, apply here.

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