Here’s a List of India’s Top Diploma Colleges


Last Updated: March 14, 2023
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Want to enhance your portfolio? Want to make sure it never fails to woo any institution or organisation you wish to work with in the future? Well, the easiest way to achieve that is to get a diploma degree done! You’re wondering how’s that even possible? Why would anyone prefer a diploma certificate over a degree certificate? Well, we have all the answers for you. Let’s see what are the benefits of getting a diploma and then we can help you figure out which are the best colleges from where you can get your diploma!

What are the Benefits of Getting a Diploma?

University Diploma

  • The time required to earn a diploma is significantly less:

A well-known advantage of a diploma over a degree is that the former can be finished quickly. While most certificate courses can be completed in one year, degrees typically need three to four years of full-time study. The short amount of time you spend learning and finishing tasks is due to the practical nature of diploma courses at college, yet it prepares you for the workforce. With a diploma, you can enter the workforce more quickly and start receiving benefits.

  • Diplomas prepare you for the job market in no time:

University degrees are recognised to place a greater emphasis on academic lectures and tutorials. Such information might not ensure that a person has the necessary skills to land their first job. Diplomas have real-world applications and give you the opportunity to gain practical experience while learning and using new abilities. You can use your graduation on the job market as soon as you are qualified!

  • With a Diploma, your prospects of earning more money increase:

Prior to earning more money with a degree, one must move up the corporate ladder or pursue a master’s degree, which frequently requires a significant investment of time, money, and effort. You are more likely to make more money on your first job if you have a diploma than a degree. As you advance in knowledge and experience, more is expected of you as well.

  • Diploma programmes offer flexibility:

Since diploma courses need less coursework than degree programmes, working students can enrol in part-time diploma programmes. A diploma course is less stressful than a degree, which is more challenging because it contains more courses and theoretical modules to study and learn.

Here’s a List of India’s Top Diploma Colleges

Now that you’re already aware of how a diploma helps you win the never-ending rat race of finding/landing the best job. We figured we would help you even more with the list of India’s top diploma colleges!

  • IGNOU Delhi – Indira Gandhi National Open University: 


IGNOU Delhi is one of the best places to get your diploma. Wondering why? Well, because Indira Gandhi National Open University has something for everyone! It’s a college that gives you over 20+ options! A few of the diploma courses they offer are:

  1.  Diploma in Aquaculture
  2. Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration & Development
  3. Diploma in Event Management
  4. Diploma in Dairy Technology
  5. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
  6. Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development
  7. Diploma in Creative Writing in English
  8. Diploma in Value Education
  9. Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education
  10. Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables
  • JMI New Delhi – Jamia Millia Islamia

Jamia Milia

Next, we have JMI, the very famous and go-to institution for quality education. Jamia Millia Islamia is one of the oldest institution in India, which has been tirelessly providing the best education to students like yourself! What makes Jamia Milia Islamia stand out from the rest of the institution is that it provides diploma options for all. Be you an undergraduate student or currently pursuing a postgraduation, there’s something for everyone! Here are a few diploma options you can choose from!

  1. Diploma Engineering (Civil/ Computer/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Mechanical) (Self-financed)
  2. Diploma Engineering (Regular) (Civil/Computer/Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical)
  3. Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)
  4. Diploma in French (part-time)
  5. Diploma in Korean Language
  6. Diploma in Modern Arabic Language and Translation
  7. Diploma in Translation Proficiency in English (Self Finance)

Here are a few more diploma courses options to choose from after post-graduation!

  1.  P.G. Diploma in Molecular Diagnostics
  2.  P.G. Diploma in Acting (Self-financed)
  3.  P.G. Diploma in Air Space Law
  4.  P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications
  5.  P.G. Diploma in Disaster Management (Self-financed, Evening)
  6.  P.G. Diploma in Educational Management(Self-financed)
  7.  P.G. Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design Thinking
  8.  P.G. Diploma in Labour Law
  9.  P.G. Diploma in Still Photography & Visual Communication (Self-financed)
  10.  P.G. Diploma in T.V. Journalism (Hindi Medium) (Self-financed)
  11.  P.G. Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management (Self-financed)
  12.  P.G. Diploma in Translation Proficiency (Self Finance)

Diploma Colleges Banner

Christ University, as we know, is one of the most happening universities in India right now. Alongside their esteemed bachelor’s, post-graduate and doctoral level courses, they have now started letting students get closer to their dream with the help of their diploma certification courses. Here are a few of their top-rated diploma courses: 

  1. P.G. Diploma in Data Science and Big Data Analytics
  2. P.G. Diploma in Advanced FinTech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  3. P.G. Diploma in Financial Analytic
  4. P.G. Diploma in Investment Banking and Global Markets
  5. P.G. Diploma in Algorithmic Trading and Hedge Funds
  6. P.G. Diploma in Retail and Omnichannel
  • BHU Varanasi – Banaras Hindu University


Banaras Hindu University, so BHU is one of the flagbearers of providing students of India and all over the world with the best education. BHU is the perfect answer for you if you want to live in the land of serenity, and history, grow and thrive in education! They provide multivarious diploma courses to cater to all students worldwide!

  1. Diploma in Microfinance and Entrepreneurship (one year 2-semester Part Time)
  2. Diploma in Leisure and Hospitality Management (one year 2-semester Part Time)
  3. P.G. Diploma in Corporate Governance (Part-Time)
  4. 1-Year Diploma course in Statistics and Computing
  5. P.G. Diploma in Sports Journalism (Full Time)
  6. 2-year (4-Semester) P.G. Diploma in Archaeology


Last but not least, IIT Madras needs no introduction to the world when it comes to academics. This is the place to go if you’re looking to excel and compete with world leaders! But if you are still deciding whether to choose this school, let us let you in on a secret IIT Madras has been awarded the top spot by NIRF for six straight years in the engineering institutions category and three straight years in the overall category. So finally, here are a few options you get to choose from!

  1. Computational Thinking
  2. Programming in Python
  3. Database Management Systems
  4. Computational Thinking
  5. Programming in Python
  6. Database Management Systems

Need Some Guidance? We’re Here For You!

Diplomas are the ways to stand out of the crowd, with these top 10 diploma colleges you now know about how you can get close to your academic dream in no time!

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