Follow These 7 Tips For A Career-Ready LinkedIn Profile In 2024

Komal Sharma

Last Updated: April 10, 2024
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If you’re a college student or a fresher in corporate, we all know how LinkedIn has become a part of our everyday lives. It’s a word we hear constantly from professors, friends, and classmates. We’re always being reminded by our professors and career advisors to create LinkedIn profiles, and our peers are always asking us to connect with them on LinkedIn or if we’ve checked for internships on the platform.

With a whopping 46 million college students on LinkedIn, you might be wondering how to make yourself stand out. Simply having a profile isn’t enough. To truly showcase your achievements and reach a wider audience, you need to have a strong LinkedIn profile. Here are seven tips to help your profile shine. 

Start With Your Profile

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Your profile is the initial impression that companies, recruiters, and professionals will have of you. It’s important to strike a balance between professionalism and showcasing your personality. Keep these key elements in mind.


It’s crucial to understand that this description holds significance as it not only shows up on your profile but also whenever you engage on LinkedIn. That’s why it’s essential to make sure it looks impressive. So, what should you include? Your position, employer, and all the keywords that define you and assist others in discovering you. For instance, you could mention being a Graphic Designer at Corner Graphic, along with keywords like Illustrator, Video Editor, Marketing, and Branding.

Photos Must Be Included

Adding a profile photo is highly recommended, and if there’s enough space, a cover photo as well. Your LinkedIn profile photo plays a crucial role in making a positive impression. While it’s true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, recruiters often pay attention to it in certain ways.

Numerous studies indicate that our minds have preferences when making choices. For example, if given the option between chocolate and vegetables, most people would choose chocolate without hesitation. Similarly, when selecting a photo for your profile, consider the industry or field you’re applying to. The formality, informality, or semi-formality of the industry should determine the level of seriousness in your photo.

Additionally, remember that the photo should show you from the waist up and be clear, with calm tones that compliment the cover image. Both images should have a good contrast.

About You

The points mentioned above are undeniably crucial. However, the section that garners the most attention in your profile likely is this one. The text you compose must be not only captivating but also instil a sense of trust and likeability.

Moreover, it should be tailored to the industry and position you aspire to. Make use of relevant keywords (seize every opportunity) and highlight your expertise, accomplishments, and even the accolades you have received. Don’t forget to express your passion for your job.

If this task seems a bit overwhelming, remember that you always have the option to hire someone to craft this section for you.

Work And Academic History

Alright, this is pretty much like creating a lifelong resume. However, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

If the company you worked for isn’t well-known, give a summary of your role there. Mention your job title and use bullet points to list your responsibilities. Yup, more space for keywords. But try to limit the list to just 3 or 4 points.

Some people might say that dates don’t matter, but unfortunately, the world doesn’t always work that way. Luckily, you don’t have to include dates, so if you graduated before 1990, you can just ignore that information. Include any relevant courses and certifications you’ve completed in your field.

Also, make sure the companies or educational institutions you mention have a small thumbnail photo. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’ll make your profile look better. Aesthetics play a crucial role in this case.

Use Visual Elements

A LinkedIn profile is not just a regular resume, it’s a dynamic and interactive platform. Unlike a standard resume, recruiters can read articles, white papers, and even watch movies that showcase your work. It’s important to showcase your best works in this section to grab the attention of visitors. You can include images, movies, PDF files, external links, and blog posts to make your profile stand out. Since first impressions matter, it’s crucial to make your account visually appealing. This includes customising the URL link in your profile to make it eye-catching and speak for itself. You can even add a short descriptive phrase that highlights your professional character.

Here are six ways to stay updated on LinkedIn using visual elements:

  • Video Updates: Create brief video updates to showcase recent achievements, perspectives, or exclusive peeks into your projects. Videos grab attention and enable you to express your thoughts with charisma and genuineness.
  • Slide Decks: Distribute slide decks or presentations that showcase important insights gained from conferences, webinars, or workshops you’ve participated in. Visual presentations are captivating and offer valuable knowledge for your connections.
  • Visual Case Studies: Show off your skills by presenting visual case studies or highlighting your projects. Utilise images, charts, and diagrams to visually demonstrate your contributions and the outcomes you achieved in a captivating manner.
  • Interactive Polls or Quizzes: Engage your network and gather valuable feedback on industry topics, trends, or preferences by creating interactive polls or quizzes with visual elements. Make it fun and interactive to keep your audience engaged.
  • Virtual Tours or Demos: Show off your work environment, products, or services by giving virtual tours or demos using photos or videos. This way, you can help your network get a better understanding of what you offer and even generate interest or inquiries.

By adding visual elements to your LinkedIn updates, you can make your content more captivating, memorable, and shareable, which will ultimately enhance your professional presence and connections.

Write A Powerful LinkedIn Summary

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Crafting a compelling LinkedIn summary is crucial because it serves as your digital introduction to potential employers, clients, and professional connections. Here’s why it’s important:

  • First Impression: Your LinkedIn summary is often the first thing people see when they visit your profile. A powerful summary grabs their attention and entices them to learn more about you.
  • Showcases Your Brand: It’s an opportunity to showcase your unique value proposition and personal brand. By highlighting your skills, experiences, and passions, you can differentiate yourself from others in your field.
  • Opportunity for Storytelling: A well-crafted summary allows you to tell your professional story concisely and engagingly. You can highlight key accomplishments, career milestones, and defining moments that demonstrate your expertise and character.
  • SEO Benefits: LinkedIn profiles are indexed by search engines, so a well-optimised summary can improve your visibility and make it easier for others to find you online.
  • Networking Tool: Your summary serves as a networking tool, helping you connect with like-minded professionals, industry influencers, and potential collaborators. It’s a way to attract the right opportunities and build meaningful relationships.
  • Demonstrates Communication Skills: Having a captivating summary highlights your knack for effective communication, a skill that holds immense value in any line of work. It reflects your ability to think, maintain professionalism, and pay attention to the smallest of details.

Overall, your LinkedIn summary is a powerful tool for personal branding, networking, and career advancement. By investing time and effort into crafting a strong summary, you can enhance your online presence and attract new opportunities.

Here are a few examples of concise yet impactful LinkedIn summaries that can help you get started:

Passionate Professional

Driven by a deep passion for [your field or industry], I strive to [your goal or mission]. With [number] years of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a relentless dedication to achieving excellence.

Strategic Thinker 

I excel in dynamic environments where I can utilise my analytical skills to drive growth and overcome challenges. My strength lies in my ability to see the bigger picture and develop innovative strategies.

Effective Communicator 

With my natural talent for expressing complex ideas in a clear and captivating way, I thrive in communicating with diverse teams and delivering powerful presentations to important decision-makers. By utilising my outstanding communication skills, I establish genuine connections and effectively achieve desired goals.

Proven Track Record

Throughout my professional journey, I have consistently achieved remarkable outcomes, ranging from [specific achievement or project] to [another notable accomplishment]. I take immense pride in my proven track record of triumphs and I am constantly thrilled to embrace fresh opportunities and conquer new challenges.

Continuous Learner

Driven by a strong desire for personal and professional development, I am constantly on the lookout for chances to broaden my expertise and enhance my skills. Be it through formal education, attending professional development programmes, or gaining practical experience, I am relentless in my pursuit to stay ahead of the game.

Passionate About Impact

Apart from attaining personal success, I hold a strong dedication to creating a constructive influence in [industry, community, or specific cause]. Whether it’s through volunteering, mentoring, or advocating, I firmly believe in utilising my abilities and influence to bring about significant transformations.

By blending these components, you can craft an irresistible summary that highlights your unique strengths, remarkable accomplishments, and core values, capturing the attention of both potential connections and employers.

Build A Solid Network Of Contacts 

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LinkedIn’s algorithm is designed to showcase your profile to individuals within your second and third-degree networks, fostering engagement and interaction. Enhancing this vast network and maximising participation opportunities can be achieved by strategically connecting with the right individuals.

Adding people to the network, but not communicating with them, hurts LinkedIn’s algorithm and reach; Therefore the following is recommended:

  • Share publications with the network and experts
  • Tag relevant people in posts
  • Like and interact with content through comments
  • Republish interesting articles along with an article that shares the point of view
  • Support colleagues
  • Write recommendations and ask for one
  • Join LinkedIn Groups and Discussion Forums
  • Participate in webinars
  • Add influencers and industry experts

Building a solid network of contacts on LinkedIn involves several key steps:

  • Optimise Your Profile: Make sure to complete your LinkedIn profile entirely and make it look professional. Add a clear and high-quality profile picture, create an interesting summary, and include detailed information about your experience, skills, and education.
  • Connect with Colleagues: Begin by reaching out to your present and past coworkers, bosses, and fellow students. These are people who are already familiar with your work ethic and can attest to your abilities and professionalism.
  • Join Relevant Groups: Check out the LinkedIn groups that align with your industry, interests, or career aspirations. Get involved in conversations, exchange valuable insights, and build connections with fellow group members to broaden your network.
  • Attend Events: Make sure to attend industry conferences, networking events, and seminars, whether they are in-person or virtual. These gatherings offer great chances to connect with new individuals, exchange contact details, and build stronger relationships.
  • Personalise Connection Requests: When you send connection requests, make sure to personalise your message and let the recipient know why you want to connect. Talk about shared interests, mutual connections, or how you can be of value to them.
  • Engage with Content: Interact with content on LinkedIn by giving likes, leaving comments, and sharing posts from your network. This will keep you in the spotlight and at the forefront of your connections’ minds, resulting in more meaningful engagements.
  • Offer Help and Support: Take the initiative to offer help and support to your network. Whether it’s sharing useful resources, giving advice, or making connections, showing your eagerness to assist others will strengthen your relationships.
  • Follow Up Regularly: Stay connected with your connections by regularly sending them personalised messages, celebrating their achievements, or sharing relevant updates. Keeping up a consistent line of communication will help you maintain and foster your network as time goes on.

By simply following these instructions and making a conscious effort to build and foster your connections, you can establish a robust and worthwhile professional network on LinkedIn.

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile For SEO

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Utilise Relevant Keywords

Make sure to include relevant keywords in your LinkedIn profile. Research the commonly used terms in your industry or job role and incorporate them naturally into your profile. By doing so, your profile will stand out when someone searches for those specific terms. It’s like tailoring your resume to match the role you’re aiming for.

Establish Backlinks

Linking your LinkedIn profile to other platforms or articles can enhance its visibility, similar to how backlinks enhance a website’s credibility. By including external pointers from sources like your personal blog, guest posts, or social channels, you can boost the prominence of your profile.

Engage By Publishing Posts

 you should often write and post articles on LinkedIn about topics that are relevant to your industry. This not only demonstrates your knowledge and skills but also boosts the visibility of your profile. As a result, your profile is more likely to show up in searches related to those specific subjects.

Participate In Groups

Engage actively in LinkedIn groups by providing valuable insights, responding to questions, and occasionally sharing your content. This expands your profile’s reach and strengthens your reputation as an industry authority.

Embrace Hashtags 

Using hashtags on LinkedIn can help increase the reach of your content, even though they are commonly associated with platforms like Twitter. By including relevant hashtags in your updates, you can attract a wider audience who may have missed out on your content otherwise.

Leverage LinkedIn’s SEO Ecosystem

LinkedIn has its special SEO landscape that goes beyond the usual SEO practices. It’s important to be well-versed in LinkedIn-specific SEO strategies to make yourself stand out. By incorporating relevant keywords, particularly those that can be found in LinkedIn’s search filters, you can boost your profile’s visibility in searches. This will make it much simpler for recruiters and potential partners to find you.

Stay Updated

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Keep up with your evolving career by regularly updating your profile. Show off your latest achievements, skills, and responsibilities. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your brand. Make it memorable.

Here are some points for staying updated on LinkedIn 

    • Keep Your Profile Up-to-Date: Enhance your profile by adding your latest experiences, skills, and accomplishments to highlight your current expertise and professional growth.
    • Stay Connected with Valuable Content: Show your engagement in your network by liking, commenting, and sharing relevant posts. This not only keeps you active but also showcases your knowledge and passion for your industry.
    • Create Polls and Surveys: Get your network involved by sharing polls or surveys on topics that matter to your industry. This not only sparks interaction but also offers valuable perspectives on the latest trends and opinions.
    • Host Virtual Networking Events: Host virtual networking events or webinars centred around subjects that pique the interest of your network. This helps cultivate valuable connections and ensures you stay engaged in relevant professional discussions.
    • Share Behind-the-Scenes Content: Share a glimpse into your professional journey by providing exclusive behind-the-scenes content. This may involve offering sneak peeks of your ongoing projects, showcasing team meetings, or even sharing day-in-the-life posts. By staying true to yourself in your content, you’ll be able to forge genuine connections with your audience and foster stronger relationships.
  • Highlighting Side Projects or Hobbies: Show off your diverse skills and interests by sharing updates about your side projects, hobbies, or volunteer work. This will give your profile more depth and spark conversations beyond just your professional achievements.
  • Creating Infographics or Visuals: Break down complex concepts or data into visually appealing infographics or graphics. Visual content is eye-catching and can make your updates more interesting and shareable.

Offering Mentorship or Advice Sessions:

Position yourself as a mentor or advisor by offering virtual mentorship sessions or advice clinics to your connections. Providing value in this way strengthens relationships and establishes you as a trusted resource in your industry.

These unique approaches can help you stand out on LinkedIn and keep your network engaged with fresh and innovative content.

Offer And Ask For Recommendations

The recommendations you receive in this network hold great significance. In case you haven’t received any, you can take the initiative to write recommendations for the connections you have collaborated with in the past. This approach will make others feel inclined to reciprocate the gesture. Alternatively, you can reach out to individuals who have studied with you, acquaintances, or colleagues at work and kindly ask them to provide recommendations for you on your LinkedIn profile. Here are six points on offering and asking for recommendations on LinkedIn.

  • Offer Recommendations: Show your appreciation by writing sincere recommendations for colleagues, supervisors, or clients you’ve collaborated closely. Emphasise their strengths, skills, and valuable contributions to highlight their professionalism and expertise.
  • Be Specific: To receive meaningful testimonials, give clear instructions or prompts when asking for recommendations. For instance, you can request them to focus on a specific project you worked on together or a particular skill you showcased.
  • Ask Strategically: Be strategic in your approach when asking for recommendations. Select people who are familiar with your work and can effectively highlight your strengths and achievements. Make your request personal and explain why their recommendation would hold significant value for you.
  • Follow Up Graciously: Show your appreciation gracefully when you receive a recommendation. Send a heartfelt thank-you message that is tailored to the individual. As a gesture of gratitude, consider offering to write a recommendation for them in return.
  • Showcase Recommendations: After receiving recommendations, make sure to prominently display them on your LinkedIn profile. These recommendations act as evidence of your skills and expertise, and can greatly boost your credibility in the eyes of potential employers or clients.
  • Maintain a Professional Image: Always remember to maintain professionalism when requesting and giving recommendations. Keep your communication polite and respectful, and ensure that your recommendations are sincere and truthful reflections of your experiences.

By actively seeking and providing recommendations on LinkedIn, you can establish a solid reputation, strengthen your professional connections, and enhance the credibility of your profile.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out In 2024

LinkedIn is an amazing platform that provides numerous advantages and is extremely easy to use. To fully harness its potential, it is imperative to craft a standout LinkedIn profile that sets you apart from the competition, showcases your skills, and validates your achievements. It is highly important to design an attractive page that enables visitors to swiftly grasp your professional identity and the value you offer. By implementing these invaluable tips for your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be on the right track to constructing an exceptional profile that significantly boosts your likelihood of achieving success. Looking to create a LinkedIn profile? Mentoria is here to assist you. Join our master workshops and receive the support you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our mentors and select the guidance plan that suits you best. With Mentoria’s guidance program, you can find your ideal fit from 3 streams and over 850 courses, unlocking your true potential. Start your journey today by signing up and taking the Mentoria assessment!