5 Employee Centric Events That Work Towards Employee Wellness


Last Updated: August 27, 2022
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Office events play an active role in engaging employees. And engagement, as we all know, is the key to a great, productive workplace. Walk into any office in India and they’ll tell you about their Diwali parties, Traditional Day or – in some cases – even beer parties. However, most of these are momentary engagements that are all but forgotten when deadlines pile up and stress takes over. What makes a lasting impact is getting in touch with the informal emotions and feelings at a workplace.

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A happy workspace raises productivity by 12 % and a friendly office can increase employee satisfaction by 50%. The key to this happy vibe can be office events and activities that go beyond just momentary engagement to make a real, lasting impact. But, where do you even begin? Right here with this list!

Give Health a Shot

Health has a direct effect on productivity and other aspects of an employee’s life. Employees often struggle to find some time for health and fitness. But one late night after the other – or one too many deadlines – have them forgetting all about health as they struggle with their workload.

Reach out to your employees and help them achieve their health goals with group activities like yoga sessions, healthy meal options at work or even contests where you reward health-conscious employees and create groups that compete with each other to get healthier.


Embrace Vulnerability

Most of us love putting up a brave face at the workplace and pretend like the stress doesn’t get to us from time to time. Why not share it? The aim is to learn from challenges and lighten the load simply by sharing it with one another. It opens up an arena for colleagues to understand each other’s challenges. This helps the team bond on a deeper level. However, an event like this would require a mediator.

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Lend a Helping Hand

The act of giving away generates a lot of positivity. A volunteering activity with colleagues brings humility and kindness to the team. This has a lasting impact on everyone who participates in the activity. Plan it for a weekday and avoid making it compulsory for everyone. It is ‘volunteering’, after all!

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Align Your Goals

In the daily grind, people often forget to ask themselves a simple, yet important question – why are you doing this job? It’s necessary to find out if the job really fits in their life plan. The perspective change from a grumpy ‘I have to’ to the inspired ‘I want to’ has the power to transform lives and fates. This impact, though, needs professional counsellors and testing to guide each employee down the right path. While this kind of ‘testing’ needs to be done while hiring your employees, it can also be done on a regular basis to ensure that each of your employees is on the right path, not just in their career but also in your organisation. We can help with that.

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Family Outreach

When employees have children or relatives on the cusp of making a career decision, it’s bound to cause some stress at home. That stress takes up a lot of mind space and even impacts their productivity levels. Reach out to such employees by guiding their kin towards the right career path. Don’t worry, you can get professional help for that! By reaching out to employees’ families and solving a critical problem at a home level, you’re bound to generate massive amounts of goodwill, gratitude and loyalty towards your organisation!

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