Charting New Courses: India’s Top 10 Unconventional Careers

Manavi Agarwal

Last Updated: September 21, 2023
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Picture yourself in a world where careers go beyond cubicles, ties, and nine-to-five routines. Welcome to the exciting landscape of India’s top 10 upcoming unconventional careers! Here, passion meets profession, and adventure intertwines with ambition. From virtual gaming gurus to eco-warrior consultants, these career paths are like undiscovered treasure chests waiting for intrepid souls. It’s not just about jobs; it’s about passions that pay off. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s explore the rollercoaster ride of unconventional careers that could redefine the future of India’s workforce.

Unconventional Careers In India


Flavorist – Crafting Culinary Dreams

Imagine a job where your primary task is to tantalise taste buds and create culinary masterpieces. Welcome to the world of a flavorist! These professionals work in the food industry, developing unique and delicious flavours for snacks, beverages, and even pet food. It’s a perfect blend of science and creativity.

  • Demand: The food industry is always on the lookout for talented flavorists. With the constant demand for new and innovative products, flavorists are highly sought after.
  • Scope: Flavorists work in food and beverage companies, offering a wide scope for creativity and innovation. The potential for advancement is excellent as you gain experience.
  • Payscale: The average salary is ₹9,88,192 per year in India. 

Sommelier – Savouring The World, One Glass At A Time

Wine lovers, this one’s for you! A sommelier is not just someone who drinks wine; they’re experts in wine culture, pairing, and presentation. They work in upscale restaurants, guiding diners through the world of wine with their expertise. Cheers to a career that lets you savour the finest grapes on Earth!

  • Demand: Upscale restaurants and wine bars are always in search of skilled sommeliers to enhance their dining experiences. As the culinary scene grows, so does the demand for sommeliers.
  • Scope: Sommeliers can work in renowned restaurants, wineries, and even as consultants. The opportunity to become a Master Sommelier opens doors to prestigious positions.
  • Payscale: The average salary for a Sommelier in India is ₹5,94,952. 

Pet Psychologist – Understanding Furry Friends

Our furry companions often have complex emotions and behaviours. Pet psychologists, also known as animal behaviourists, work to decode and address these issues. They help pet owners understand their four-legged friends better, creating happier homes for both pets and humans.

  • Demand: With more people embracing pets as family members, the demand for pet psychologists is on the rise. Pet owners seek professionals to address behavioural issues.
  • Scope: Pet psychologists can establish private practices, work with veterinary clinics, or collaborate with animal shelters. Building a solid client base is key.
  • Payscale: The median annual pay of animal scientists/psychologists is ₹46.74 lakhs. 

Lego Master Builder – Building Dreams, One Brick At A Time

Remember those endless hours of childhood joy spent building with Lego bricks? Well, some people turn that passion into a full-fledged career. Lego Master Builders design and construct awe-inspiring sculptures and installations using, you guessed it, Lego bricks. It’s a delightful job where play meets art.

  • Demand: Theme parks, toy companies, and event organisers often hire Lego Master Builders to create captivating installations. The demand varies but exists.
  • Scope: Master Builders can find opportunities in theme parks, museums, and even become freelance builders for events and exhibitions.

Foley Artist – Crafting Movie Magic With Sound

Have you ever marvelled at the realism of movie sound effects, like footsteps in the snow or the rustling of leaves in the wind? Foley artists are the behind-the-scenes maestros responsible for these auditory wonders. They employ a plethora of props and ingenious techniques to create bespoke sound effects that elevate the audience’s cinematic journey.

  • Demand: Foley artists are in demand across the entertainment industry, from film studios to television production companies. Their ability to add depth and authenticity to on-screen soundscapes keeps them indispensable.
  • Scope: Foley artists can find opportunities in film studios, post-production houses, and television production companies. Some may even work as freelance artists, contributing their skills to various projects.
  • Payscale: ₹30,000 to ₹70,000 monthly for entry-level positions, while experienced and sought-after Foley artists can earn well over ₹100,000 per year.

Food Stylist – Making Food Look As Good As It Tastes

Ever wondered why food in advertisements looks so perfect? That’s the magic of a food stylist! These creative minds meticulously arrange food and beverages for photoshoots, commercials, and menus, making them irresistibly appetising. If you have a knack for aesthetics and a love for food, this career lets you combine both passions.

  • Demand: As the food industry and social media continue to grow, the demand for food stylists is expanding. Restaurants, food magazines, and advertising agencies seek their expertise.
  • Scope: Food stylists can work in various sectors, from culinary publications to advertising. Building a portfolio is essential to attract clients.
  • Payscale: The average Food Stylist salary in India is ₹6,17,993 annually or an equivalent hourly rate of ₹297.

Water Slide Tester – The Splashy Dream Job

Are you an eternal kid at heart? Water slide testers are the lucky folks who get paid to zoom down water slides at amusement parks and rate their experience. It’s a job that’s all about fun, adventure, and ensuring that every splash is a thrilling one.

  • Demand: While positions are limited, the demand for water slide testers exists in amusement parks and water attractions. It’s a unique and sought-after role.
  • Scope: Water slide testers typically work for amusement parks and water parks. Opportunities may be seasonal, so networking is vital.

Professional Mermaid/Merman – Diving Into A Fairytale Career

For those who dreamt of becoming a mermaid or merman as a child, here’s your chance! Professional mermaids and mermen entertain crowds with their enchanting underwater performances. They wear shimmering tails, hold their breath, and transport audiences to a magical realm below the waves.

  • Demand: As underwater entertainment gains popularity, the demand for professional mermaids and mermen is growing in resorts, aquariums, and events.
  • Scope: Professional mermaids and mermen often work as performers, entertainers, and instructors. Networking in the entertainment industry is crucial.
  • Payscale: Earnings for professional mermaids and mermen are generally around ₹5 lakhs, with top performers earning more through contracts and appearances.

Culinary Scientist: Cooking With A Twist

Culinary scientists embark on a delicious journey, merging the art of cooking with the precision of food science. They experiment with flavours, textures, and culinary techniques to create innovative and delectable dishes. If you’ve ever dreamt of being a food scientist, this career allows you to play with your food in the most delightful and tantalising ways, pushing the boundaries of gastronomic possibilities.

  • Demand and Scope:The demand for culinary scientists has been steadily growing, thanks to an increasing interest in culinary innovation and the fusion of science with gastronomy. Food companies, restaurants, and even healthcare institutions seek their expertise to create healthier, tastier, and more appealing food products. The scope of this career extends to various sectors, including product development, quality control, and research and development in food technology.
  • Pay Scale:The pay scale for culinary scientists can vary depending on factors like experience, location, and the specific industry. The average salary is approx ₹6,00,000 per year in India. Those working for renowned restaurants, food companies, or in research roles tend to earn higher incomes.

Pet Grooming And Training: Paw-Sitively Rewarding

With more households embracing furry companions, the pet care industry is flourishing. Pet groomers and trainers play a vital role in ensuring our four-legged friends are not only healthy but also happy. It’s a career filled with wagging tails, boundless affection, and the rewarding satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners.

  • Demand: As more people adopt pets, the demand for skilled pet groomers has risen, ensuring pets are well-cared for and groomed.
  • Scope: Pet groomers can find work in pet salons, veterinary clinics, or even establish their businesses.
  • Pay Scale: Pet groomers can earn around ₹31,933 per month, ₹7,369 per week, or ₹178.15 per hour, with the potential for higher income with experience and a loyal clientele.

How To Explore These Careers


Now that you know about these unconventional career paths, the next step is to figure out how to get started. Here’s a friendly guide to help you kickstart your journey:

  • Research: Dive deep into your chosen career to understand its nuances. Read books, watch videos, and follow experts in the field. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.
  • Education: Identify the educational requirements for your chosen career. Some careers may require specific degrees, certifications, or training programmes. Enrol in courses or programmes that align with your goals.
  • Networking: Connect with professionals in your desired field through social media, industry events, and online forums. Networking can provide valuable insights and potential job opportunities.
  • Internships and Volunteering: Gain hands-on experience through internships or volunteer work. It’s an excellent way to build your skills and make industry contacts.
  • Build a Portfolio: Depending on your career choice, create a portfolio or showcase your work. Whether it’s coding projects, writing samples, or video content, a strong portfolio can impress potential employers or clients.
  • Stay Updated: Keep up with industry trends and developments. Subscribe to relevant publications, join online communities, and attend conferences to stay in the loop.
  • Persistence: Remember that unconventional careers may not have a clear-cut path. Be patient, stay persistent, and be open to learning and adapting along the way.

Mentoria’s Insights And Expertise

In a rapidly evolving job market, staying ahead of the curve is key to a successful and fulfilling career. The top 10 upcoming unconventional careers in India represent the dynamic nature of our workforce, where innovation and adaptability are highly prized. From ethical hacking to content creation, these careers offer exciting opportunities for those willing to explore uncharted territories.

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