Career Options for Biology Students after 12th


Last Updated: December 3, 2022
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Career options for bio students

The boards’ results are finally out! Congratulations on finishing high school! Now it’s decision time! Now is the time to choose your career. Whatever career option and stream you choose now will help you create your future and fulfil your dreams! And it seems like we’re contemplating choosing biology! Great choice!

But don’t worry, careers in biology are not only limited to being a doctor or pursuing an MBBS! So we are here to help you find your true calling while pursuing a career in biology that is well recognized and gives you various opportunities to research, examine and explore the different sections of biology.

Why Choose Biology as a Major?

Before we get too deep, the simple reason why choosing biology as a major is a brilliant choice is that the world needs it! We are constantly battling so many challenges- including environmental, health-related or social. And the people we can always count on to help us or find solutions to these challenges are always the biologists. So, if you’re willing to make the world a better place with your knowledge and skills, you’re already on the right path!

Career options for biology students are endless, so we’ve come up with the best reasons why you should choose biology after your 12th will be a blessing!

You can choose from different biology specialisations! Biology is a vast field of study, so you don’t have to compromise for a general degree. Several sub disciplines are available (though most of them are at the Master’s level), but here are just a few to get you started!

Major Specialisations in Biology

two roads

Biology is such a vast subject to choose from; while choosing a specialisation in biology, you might be able to relate to Robert Frost when he said, “two roads diverged in the woods, and I took the one less travelled by”!

So to help you figure out which specialisation suits you best, we’ll look into those majors directly related to medical science, and then we’ll move on to those not at all related to the medical field!

Majors in Biology Except for MBBS

It’s a common misconception that career options for biology students are limited to medicine or medical sciences. We are here to break that stigma and let you know that biology as a whole is a vast subject! And you can choose your dream career while pursuing your favourite stream and breaking the age-old notion of getting an MBBS solely because you’re a biology student! To help you further in your research, we have listed some of the significant interdisciplinary specialisations for those looking for biology courses after the 12th! 

Genetics Zoology Microbiology
Environmental Science Biophysics Botany
Biochemistry Bioinformatics Molecular Biology
Physiology Biomedical Science Biotechnology
Marine Biology Food & Agricultural Technology MBBS

Majors in Biology related to Medical Science

As we know, in India, the medical industry is one of the industries which is always on the boom. The rapid growth in this sector is fastly becoming a hub for lucrative career opportunities and promising better futures. 

So while pursuing a major in medical courses in India will not only grab you better job opportunities, and at the same time will be getting paid handsome salaries, you will also be saving the lives of millions!

Here are some of the best majors in the bio stream you can pursue with promising career options!

Best majors in biology related to medical field:

  • MBBS
  • MS
  • MD
  • BAMS
  • BHMS
  • BPT
  • B.VSc
  • BUMS
  • BSMS
  • BNYS

Career options for biology students

Now that you know what major you want to pursue, it is time for us to talk about the career options for biology students here in India! You will be surprised to see how diverse the world of biology is. If you’re someone who wants to dedicate your life to academics, biology is got your back! Or maybe you want to serve your country or save people biology has got you covered! So without wasting much time, let’s get straight to it!

  • Biology academic researcher: If you want to dedicate your life to research work, being an academic biology researcher is just the job for you! You will be conducting multiple research in connection with different universities or hospitals! You will not only be doing your research, but you will also get a chance to give back to society by assisting faculty, staff, and students in conducting research and leading research efforts involving others. Your monthly pay will vary depending on your experience, but salaries for academic researchers here in India start from ₹16,138 /mo!
  • Attorney: Yes, we know you can’t believe your eyes! But like we said, many majors have a broad spectrum of biology career options that let you work in various domains. Here, you can work on multiple scientific data and reasoning. Other sector lawyers, such as intellectual property lawyers, would want solid proof based on genetics, fingerprinting, and DNA, and it’s your work to make them understand the truth and science behind biotechnology! Environmental attorneys promote and contest projects on ecological causes and put their effort into persevering on the ecosystem.You will not only be saving the environment and having a kickass job, but attorneys at the same time also make a handsome salary, starting from ₹31,187 /mo!
  • Biochemist: With a firm knowledge of the world of chemistry and biology, additional skills in anatomy, physiology, writing, and presentational skills, and an interest in researching, then being a biochemist is the perfect job for you. You will also need to know the basics of developing and building new drugs! Since this is a developing field, this biology career option is up-and-coming, and you are guaranteed a significant and growing career with good paychecks! with salaries starting from ₹23,520 /mo!
  • Military Nursing Service: Always wanted to serve your nation? Pursuing a biology career after class 12 also gives you a chance to do that! Military Nursing Service is a short-service authorised officer post in the Indian Army. You will not only be serving your country but, at the same time, you will be taking care of the best of the best! At the same time, it pays you handsomely for being such an integral part of the nation, ₹89,148 – ₹96,349/mo!
  • Technical Writer: Last but certainly not least, if the art of writing is your niche, you can open blogs, write about all the scientific facts and provide awareness about health by educating people about different health practices and their side effects. You can also talk about anything from diseases to new inventions in your field. Especially during tumultuous times where false news spreads faster than a wild forest fire, you can help promote spreading awareness and help people in these uncertain times! At the same time, it pays you ₹6,14,270 /yr

We hope this blog helped shed light on you with the different courses in Biology after the 12th! But if you’re still confused about which path to choose, the experts at Mentoria can provide the proper guidance so that your dreams can become your reality.